Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4 - Cyberwar

When Facebook first came out, I used to have an account. Probably had it for two or three years until my account was hacked. Facebook found that someone from an eastern European country had hacked my account. First  though, I got a notice that I was selling poker chips illegally via Facebook - you know the chips for those games that don't pay but if you don't do well you can buy chips to play more. Then they found out the general location of the hacker. Changed all my passwords, etc. and then I was good for a little while and then it happened again. Needless to say, I'm not on Facebook. People put so much information on Facebook that identifies them and where they live, etc. that it could pose a dangerous problem for them. At one point, I had my grandsons photos on some public place for photos but then was told that pedophiles like to look at photos of children even if they have clothes on. Off those came and I've never made a photo of a child available via Internet ever again and I wouldn't encourage anyone else to. Do you want some sicko drooling over your sweet, innocent little girl - it doesn't make a difference if you know it or not but it is being done.

Brings me back to hackers. I think we would give hackers some serious punishment like cut their fingers off, maybe even their hands. As long as it goes unpunished, they have nothing to lose. The person who loses is the person who has no control over their private data. Okay, maybe cutting the hand off is a little extreme but why not send a worm their way that attacks their own information including the information that travels to someone else. As long as there are computers, there will be hackers. If something isn't going to stop them from hacking, they have nothing to lose.

The federal government needs to do something to protect their computer files. WAKE UP!

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