Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20 - Working on earrings

Saw "Jurassic World" today,which my sister and I both liked. Both of us said we dozed off once or twice. Overall, it was a good movie. Think they blew the kiss seen and should of had it at the end and not when pterodactyls are flying all around you. Then there were a couple of stupid lines, which I can't believe they didn't cut them out. Can't remember what they were but it was like "huh?"

Forgot to wear earrings today. Got some supplies to try out the plastic earrings made out of soda bottles. Used a heat gun instead of boiling water but next time (if there is a next time), I'll try the water. By the time I got done with the permanent markers, I had marker all over my hand - nothing like the video showed. Guess it has something to do with these being my first. Like everything else, practice probably makes it perfect.

Used Petrified Wood solution on my paper earrings. Wasn't sure if I really needed it because my brother-in-law did a test on my paper earrings. I forgot a pair in my pant pockets and they got washed, not once but twice and one of them was with hot water. They looked like they were new still. The Modge Podge held them together. Maybe the other solution really isn't necessary.

Going to try something new again. It's a process using glass pieces, dripping fingernail polish into water, swirling the polish a little and then dipping the glass into the polish. Pretty neat process and I think it would make good earrings. It's called watermarble jewelry.

Getting up real early tomorrow to meet my brother for breakfast at 6 a.m. Better head for bed and get a few hours of sleep. Will be wearing my new earrings that I put together tonight. Will show them to you tomorrow.

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