Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 - T-Rex, Velociraptors, and Jurassic World - Hmmmmm

T-Rex had excellent eyesight, supposedly even better than hawks and eagles. I'm pretty sure in "Jurassic World," the T-Rex's vision was corrected. However, the Velociraptors wasn't corrected according to this article

I must have missed something in school because I don't remember ever learning about dinosaurs until my sister taught me. Maybe it had something to do with changing of schools. I changed from a parochial school to a public school and missed out on learning cursive. Think I already wrote in the blog that my dad taught me how to write. Dad could learn anything and teach anything. The only thing he couldn't do was pronounce words beginning with "th" correctly. I know I've mentioned this before but it's very common for my siblings and I to tease about tree and a turd, which in Dad's Norwegian English meant three and a third. It would be nice to blame my penmanship on my dad's mispronunciation but I don't think that is what happened.

Any way, a Velociraptor (which my blog spell check does not like) is the size of a turkey. Well, wild turkeys can be pretty vicious so I can imagine what a Velociraptor could be like. Now it makes me wonder about the pterodactyl and lo and behold, there is no such thing as a pterodactyl. It really is a Pterodactylus. Tracy Dye wrote "What Are 'Jurassic World's Pterodactyls That Look Like Tiny T. Rex Called? The Answer May Surprise You" Guess it's probably mostly movie fans who call them pterodactyl.

Hope no one is offended that the website references are in very small print. The link still works and the size helps readability.

Today's earrings were a pair from Donna

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