Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26 - Latvia Reader, brother's birthday and of course, Donna's earrings

First reader from Latvia so that means it's time for an egg recipe. You're probably still wondering what egg recipes and Donna's earrings have in common. Absolutely nothing. When I started writing, it was so cool to see readers from different countries around the world. Thought to myself, what do we have in common and eggs came to mind. Eggs are common in all cultures, or at least I think they are. So that's how that got started.

How did Latvia get its freedom from the Soviet Union? One would think if they could do it, why is there such a struggle between Ukraine and the Soviet Union. It is something that I'll have to do some reading on. When I was young, I loved reading about Peter the Great and remember reading about his wife too, who was from Latvia and eventually became Catherine the Great. There is conflicting information about Catherine but I believe that she was Latvian. Here are two websites on Latvia and Catherine. By the way, I was madly in love with Peter the Great too. My mom and I watched the movie "The Rise of Catherine the Great", a classic, and I thought there was a classic on Peter the Great too, however, I could have fallen in love with him just by reading history.

Looking for Latvian egg recipes was quite simple. I know the two most popular things about Latvian eggs are the Latvian Easter eggs and bacon turnovers However, I chose something off the beaten path with hard boiled eggs. Yes, I like hard boiled eggs. Latvian spinach soups sound delicious! Little bit of ribs, potato and rice, fresh spinach, hard boiled eggs, and sour cream. Just typing the combination makes my mouth water. Ribs are on sale this weekend....

Happy birthday brother. Sounds like you had a good day today!

Donna's earrings

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