Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21 - Road Trip and More

My brother and I did some sightseeing today. Left pretty early and ran into some very heavy fog. Can't believe how many people don't turn their headlights on when it is foggy. Many semis had their four-way blinkers on. Often, you could see shadows in the fog of the back end of a semi. It was kind of like a light going on and off, only it was the darkness flickering through the light.

We saw a lot of fields of vegetables that included sweet corn, potatoes (which Wisconsin grows a lot), carrots, onions, and others we couldn't identify. The cranberry bogs don't have water in them now so they're kind of different looking than when they have water in them during harvest season. Alongside the road in one stretch, it looked like cotton puffs landed in the trees. When we stopped to see them, they weren't cotton puffs but spider webs or some other creature who makes a nest. Possibly these were cocoons. Too hard to tell because we didn't stop and look, just slowed down and took pictures.

Christmas in June.

A couple of weeks ago when my sister and I went to the rock show, we stopped at a lake. A local farmer told us the water was green because it was so low. It's really green. This area was first settled by Norwegians. Bet you it reminded them of their homeland. I know my dad had relatives in the area at one time but it's been so long ago that I'm not going to go searching for them.

Here's the county park and lake. Will go back at a later date so I can get some good photos of the lake looking the most beautiful blue.

This photo is a peregrine falcon that I had to be fast at taking its photo. Too bad it was looking my direction.  Right afterwards, a plane flew by and that would have made a spectacular photo. Guess that's why they're called photo opportunities.

Here are the earrings I made last night

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