Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5 - Quick, Quick - it's almost June 6

One minute to midnight and I can still get this blog done today. Cop just went by my house with siren on, someone was pulled over. Probably not too good for that person. Usually sirens at this time of night are for DWIs.

Long week this week and I'm tired. However, with that being said, I still worked on my beads several times this week. My brother-in-law saved me a couple of plastic soda bottles and I'm going to try my hand at plastic beads. Sounded kind of fun and easy to make. What would we do without all of the training videos on YouTube. Spent a little time tonight organizing my earring "stuff" and as a person with OCD, it had to be done just right (and it is).

Tomorrow my sister and I are traveling to a rock show in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Gary's Rock Shop is responsible for this annual show, which we have never been too. Always talked about going and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to go. Taking back roads all of the way so there may be some times for good photos.

Today's earrings were simple and simple to make.

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