Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28 - Ooops, forgot to write yesterday!

Had a great day yesterday. Spent most of the day with a coworker, who has become a good friend of mine. We have the same food tastes so about once a week we go out to eat together. Yesterday we had Olive Garden. I love their "all you can eat salad" and was only able to eat a little bit of my pasta. However, as good their pasta is, they will never be able to beat the restaurant my brother and his wife took me to in St. Paul. The charm of the restaurant, the staff, and the prices were great and what was even better was the food. There's something about home cooking that is missing in a chain restaurant.

Got more supplies for my bead/earring making. Thought I was going to invest in a tool that you can make ear wires and realized that the earrings that I would be making wouldn't be the best ones. Sticking with the premade wires and won't be messing around anymore trying to make my own.

Had breakfast with my one brother who lives close to me. We get together frequently on Sundays and catch up on what has gone on the last week. He's retired now and is able to go fishing when he wants to. Learned that he's been going for drives too. He's a nature nut and besides liking to spend outside, he is an avid hunter and fisherman. The trout that was in one of my photos was one he had caught. Think that was on the opening day of trout season. Think it's time for him to catch a couple more for me to bake.

Forgot to wear earrings yesterday and today, I was so busy making beads and earrings, I forgot to wear them again. The earrings in the photo below are made from fabric and were fun to make. One of the things I talked to about with my sister is that I'm afraid I'm going to get tired of putting together earrings. Maybe if I get better at bending the wire for the beads, it might change how I feel.

Will have to buy a rotary cutter and mat to make more fabric earrings. My paper cutter can't even cut paper so I won't attempt cutting fabric. Never used a rotary cutter before but heard once you get used to it, you'll love it. Hope that's the case.

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