Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30 More on Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin and Peregrine Falcons

Today one of the broadcasts on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) spoke on how United States was having problems with its youth when the US was forming itself. What I got out of it was the founding fathers used religion to guide youth into becoming good people - role models. I could be way off base on this since I only heard some snippets of the program and I can't find it on their webpage. Role models are needed because everything is so loose now. Like in another blog I wrote, there's so much gray areas now that peoples' boundaries are becoming endless. The only thing that happens then is the lack of control, which is very apparent in our society. But, on the other hand, we don't need ISIS's form of controlling youth. Balance is good.

Someone was also promoting Milwaukee. If you haven't been there before, it's a city full of surprises and history. It's a place that I could never tire of seeing and if I was younger, would consider moving there. It's like a little big city. The one bad thing about Milwaukee is you would get stuck with their governor. Wisconsin is now having a battle with college tenure. If Wisconsin keeps going the way it is, they will lose their young people to other states. It's almost like you would have to watch your back otherwise the state would take something else away from you. It's definitely a state that promotes businesses but if you don't have workers, those businesses will fail. I am so glad that I don't live in Wisconsin.

The earrings I made and wore today are going bye bye. I was asked if the earrings were gauge earrings. Don't think I'd ever wreck my ear lobes with gauge earrings. Our earlobes and ears in general contain so many pressure points. Even piercing plays havoc on those points. An interesting site on the ears/pressure points can be found at

Started my morning out wonderfully with watching and listening to four falcons. I believe there was an adult pair and two babies. Last fall, there was only one adult in the area Here are the photos

This falcon looks headless but it's looking the other way.

Angry bird?

 You can see the head here.

They sure are noisy birds. they were a block away from our house but I thought they were overhead. While I was taking photos, they quieted down a little. You can see what they look like and how they sound at this site:
Today's earrings


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