Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25 - Long Day, Short Night and the Days are Getting Shorter

Who knew the month of June was going to fly by without much notice. Think we had our heat on during the month several times and at least are ending the month with the air on. The month got away from me I forgot all about taking a road trip looking for wild flowers, which is something I do every year. Some day there won't be a next year to do an activity that I enjoy; it will come to an end so I don't want to let little things like picking wild flowers get away from me.  The days started getting shorter again. Need to make the most of the sunlight that I can this year.

Had a long day at work today and have an early appointment before work tomorrow so this is going to be short.

Tonight I worked on my paper beads that I made last night. Dipped them in their first PC Wood hardener and will do that at least a couple more times. I liked how my other beads turned out using the product. Learned it from an expert on paper bead making on YouTube. This time I'm going to try to keep my matched beads together. Used colored toothpicks to keep them as matched as possible. Then my OCD kicked in. This photo tells all

The toothpicks came with multiple colors in one bottle. Not any will be much easier to match the earrings if I at least make them on the same colored toothpick. Then when I string them up on the fishing line to dip them, I can quickly match them first by the color of the toothpick and then by the bead itself. Haven't figured out how I'm going to keep the matched pairs together yet. Can't put them into a container and mix them up. Might have to do something with all that fishing line I have and tie a pair together. That won't be so hard to do, just tedious but not as tedious as finding a mate while looking through a couple hundred beads.

Today's earrings were a simple pair from Donna. I'm getting to like black earrings and my new bead purchase has lots of opportunities for me to make earring with black in them.

Remember the talking hand? Looks like this talking hand has its mouth zipped shut - guess with the telling of that, it is definitely time for bed. Good night.

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