Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19 - 3 pairs of earrings

Been a busy week at work and the blog writing got away from me.

Got my new snow cone machine yesterday and tried out a couple of flavors. The machine is made by Hawaiian Shaved Ice IoMi4Zs3JjZKNRccs5DAKSGqU2WcALxCG4ERofFd_F6A_MMYaArd58P8HAQ. It was a toss up between the shaved ice and the snow cone machine but the crunch of the ice sounded better. Got three syrups too: watermelon, margarita, and the best was homemade ice cream. The company threw in a small container of evaporated milk and suggested using that to enhance the ice cream flavor but it didn't need it. We tried it with just a little bit of the syrup and was delicious. Wasn't sure if it was going to taste good but knew if I didn't like it, I could always get rid of it. However, it was the best flavor of the three and tasted exactly like Kemp's New York ice cream, which my sister and I like a lot. Low calorie and delicious, what more could you ask. Don't think my cat will like it as well as real ice cream. Will have to give her some to try, you just never know with a cat.

How sad about the tragic deaths of the people at their bible study. Supremacy doesn't belong to man. Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt about a gun and I thought to myself that it was in such poor taste. Then I realized that he probably supported the shooter. The t-shirt was not a means of promoting our liberty to own a gun; to me, I felt like it was a threat.

Two pairs of earrings are mismatches and you can probably tell the one pair that is a matched set.

If you couldn't tell, it was not the first pair but the last pair.

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