Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 10

Started making my paper beads. This time the paper is coming from sales catalogs. So far I'm only using catalogs that have clothing in them. What's cool is I actually have some of the blouses that I'm creating beads from the catalog showing the same blouse. If nothing else, it's a lot of fun. Using the magazine pieces is a lot more work than using scrapbook papers because you can only get up to six beads out of a page (if you're lucky); whereas the scrapbook paper will allow you to make a lot and I mean a lot, of beads that look the same. My hippie preference is to not have 100+ beads that look alike.

My brother-in-law saved a couple of soda bottles for me to experiment with this weekend. Can't wait to scribble on the plastic and then make them into earrings.

Wednesday's earrings. Nope, these are Tuesday's earrings. I wonder if I even wore earrings yesterday. Memory is a great thing. Can't remember if I wore earrings yesterday but I remember an overpayment of $15 made in September at work. Go figure. Obviously work is more important.

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