Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16 - Mismatch #1 (even though I've already worn a couple pairs)

Today was the day I started to wear mismatched earrings again. Think I had a couple of pairs that I wore before but now I'm going to try to wear those that I've paired up to make a set. Saying those words reminded me of math...pairs and sets. Didn't want to tax my mind this much this late at night. If you're interested in pairs/sets, check out I'm too darn tired to care about it and wonder how I ever understood it years ago. Now there's a newer new math. You still get points if you understand how to figure the problem out even if your number is reasonably incorrect. That in itself is quite a statement. What's gray or what's black and white. My head is spinning.

Talk about spinning. Last night I read about China's newest spin doctors. (Spin doctor -  "a person (such as a political aide) whose job involves trying to control the way something (such as an important event) is described to the public in order to influence what people think about it" The article was about hiring of young college students to sway others to support their nationalism and they get paid to do it. When you think about it, it's probably not a bad idea and probably not a good idea either. The article is entitled "China's teenage spin doctors" and well worth reading and much easier reading the math reading above.

For the last couple of days, my living room has been an assembly area, not an assembly line. Purchased a six-drawer stand  that I had to put together. It wasn't hard to do but there was a lot of assembling to do. Wish it was a different color but it's better than black or white. Already I'm thinking the ten-drawer stand would have been better but I can use this as a work surface for my bead making.

As you can see, it was filled rather quickly. Between this and my plastic bead/jewelry making stuff, I should be set for a while. Need some clothes catalogs to make paper beads and need some small pieces of material for material beads. Bought the stuff to help make the paper beads hard/strong. Have to get some kind of system in place to do this because you have to hang the beads to dry.

Today's earrings

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