Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8 - Really - the best grilled cheese sandwich yet and then my dream vacation

Missed yesterday's post because I didn't take a photo of my earrings. Always take a photo using my cell phone which I had left at work. Yes, it was a nice night of no phones and no game playing on the cell either.

As I was going from site to site, I found the best-looking grilled cheese sandwich ever invented. Forget the mayo!!! Give me bacon!!! A bacon-wrapped grilled cheese sandwich. If you watch the video of the sandwich in making, you will probably notice that the final sandwich is not the same one as the demonstrated one. In the video of the one they are making, when they cut the sandwich, the bacon is not cooked properly. In fact, it looks pretty raw if you look quickly. I wasn't interested in seeing it in slow motion because raw bacon doesn't trip my trigger. Guess as a perfectionist, I would have made a new video until I had it done right. The video ends with the perfect looking sandwich. Is this sandwich going to be my one-time a year bacon feast or do I wait until I go with my brother to a buffet breakfast at the casino in Marquette, Iowa, where they have excellent bacon. HMMMMM. Will have to ponder this.

From there, I found my dream vacation. It's a tough choice because I've always wanted to go on a train ride from Winnipeg to the western coast of Alaska. Then I started thinking. If I could take my dream trip, I would be able t afford my train trip too. Maybe they're both a dream trip but at least I can dream about it. My dream trip: Even though I'm overweight, I would go now if I could. I could always go back again once I finish my weight loss program. After all, I wouldn't know anyone there anyway so who cares if I'm not a skinny bikini-clad woman. Plus my sense of humor gets me through tough times which that might be because of me being conscious of everyone else's beautiful skin. Oh well, I'd still go.

Monday's earrings are a pair that I carry in my car as an extra set in case I forget to put earrings in in the morning or if I lose one and want to wear earrings.

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