Saturday, July 5, 2014

Earring 0126 High Water

Today, my sister and I were going to take a little road trip and sit down by the river to read our books. Of course, we both had our cameras with us. The water was too high for me to drive to any of my favorite spots. Like my brother said two months ago, it probably won't go down until September. Some people around here are using sump pumps to pump out their basements. So far the apartment building that I live in has no water in the basement. Think if we have a couple more good rain showers, that will probably change. We haven't had any flooding around here for a few years but you can't count on that. You never know if that 100 year flood was the 100 year flood or the 110 year flood. Man has changed our waterways so much trying to be in control. The joke is always on man.

We did quite a road trip and the roads were really busy because of it being a holiday weekend. There were a lot of couples out on motorcycles since it was a good day to go biking. Only saw a couple of ducks. Something caught my sister's eye and it was hard to believe. A grey heron was standing next to the railroad tracks about ten feet above the water's edge. Neither one of us has ever seen a heron next to the tracks like that. It could have been because the water is so deep and in many places the low areas have flooded.

And again something caught my sister's eyes. She was on top of the ball today!

Luckily, I was able to turn the car around and still catch this pair of eagles. The male is on the right with the female on the left. They let us take as many pictures as we wanted to. This pair must have their home nearby because the eagles that migrate through have been gone for some time. Such a beautiful bird.

As you can tell, my camera  is ready for me to us finally. Got the batteries all charged the other day. Still have to read the instructions. At least my sister was able to show me how to zoom in to take these photos. My first photos are of my cat:
She was being stubborn and wouldn't look at me.

Today's earring

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