Sunday, July 13, 2014

Earring 0133 - Gorgeous Day

Today was a gorgeous day to be outside and outside I was. My brother and his wife came and we went out to eat. From there we went to the river where my brother fished and my sister-in-law and I got to visit. The view was beautiful, the sky was wonderful, and the breeze kept the bugs away. My brother caught a turtle, which he safely got off the hook and returned it to the river. Along with the turtle, he caught two or three sunfish. They looked like they would be good to eat but he is a sports fisherman and put them back into the water. It's only been the last couple of years that our water looks clean enough to start eating fish out of again. For years, I wouldn't eat fish out of the river nor swim in it. Now with all of the environment things in place, it looks like the river is turning into a good river again. Glad that is happening especially since the river will be here long after our generation is gone.

Was feeling kind of native today and going to the river was very appropriate. So my earrings fit what we did.

What a wonderful day the Lord has made.

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