Sunday, July 6, 2014

Earring 0127 - Oops

Can't believe I did this, but I lost the other earring to go with this one. Took it out while I was in the car because I needed the break from the earrings. Must have lost the other one when I opened the door because it's no where to be found. This makes the 4th earring that I have lost one of the pair. Can't figure out how I've been doing that. The other three were lost at home so there's still hope for those. This earring is lost somewhere in Wisconsin.

My youngest brother and I go on frequent road trips. We both love to see the woods, the animals, and winding roads. Just about every time we go somewhere a bird almost hits my windshield. During yesterday's road trip with my sister, a robin almost bit the dust. Today, a sparrow decided it liked my grill of my car. It makes me sad when a bird dies because of my car. But in my car's defense, it's a big red vehicle, you'd think they see it (unless birds are colorblind - I do not know the answer to that. Today was no different when it came to a close call with a bird hitting my windshield. This one would have done some damage to my car because it was a turkey. With this turkey, I have had three close calls with turkeys and two close calls with bald eagles. I don't need any of those birds coming that close to me.

One of the people I didn't thank was my brother's wife. She lets him go on the road trips. I'm grateful because you never know how much time we have left that we can do this. Any time together is a good time. I really appreciate her letting us have the time together.

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