Sunday, July 27, 2014

Earring 0147 - Rhyming Words

Interesting site that couples two rhyming words that make phrases. Not sure their explanation of the pairs makes much sense. What I like is there are many two word rhyming words and their explanation. Once you get started reading it, it may capture your did mine.

  • beanie weenies (hot dogs with baked beans)
  • blame game (the search for scapegoats)
  • boob tube (television)
  • bow wow (the sound a dog is supposed to make)
  • ditch witch (a kind of excavator)
  • dizzie Lizzie (a scatterbrained person)
  • easy breezy (not difficult)
  • easy peasy (not difficult)
  • fuddy duddy (an irrelevant superannuated relic)
  • monkey's uncle ([imperfect rhyme] an outlandish person)
  • no fuss, no muss (a tidy operation)
  • tootsie wootsie (an affectionate diminutive nickname) - in my mom's later years, I used to call her tootsie wootsie and shortened it to toots. It was just a cute nickname and I think it made her feel younger. Always called her mom but when I was teasing her, I would call her toots.
I've used everyone of these words. There's lots of combinations there that I have used too but thought this list might get you interested.

Today's earrings are not ones I would have worn outside. Just not my style.
and here's Bobbi who is trying to take a cat nap
As you can tell, she rules the roost from high above.

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