Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Earring 0142 - Çılbır

This photo is from the website listed above. This egg is called Çılbır, a Turkish recipe, which I cannot wait to make. It's a poached egg with yogurt and paprika. We grew up eating paprika on everything. Mom used a lot of it and curry and saffron. Don't know how she got into spices and now I can't ask her. This would be a nice time to have a conversation with her because I think there's more to her cooking and spices than just her trying them. Somehow someone must have gotten her started to use them. The photo above is meant to make my sister drool...she is allergic to eggs and can only look at them. Poor girl, not only can she only look at them but she feeds her dog one egg a week and she has to watch him eat it in front of her.

For some reason, there is a lot of activity on my blog from Turkey today. I started to look for ancient earrings, then somehow started to look for a Turkish butter dish (couldn't find one but found a nice coffee pot!), and lo and behold, there's the egg. It's so beautiful and looks delicious. Next time I go shopping, eggs and yogurt will end up in my shopping cart (already have my paprika because I'm like my mom with spices).

Here's today's earrings
To my sister - sorry for teasing you with the egg; I just couldn't resist it.

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