Friday, July 18, 2014

Earring 0138 - No two really alike but very similar

Here's today's earrings. Many of these earrings are similar but there's only a couple that are identical. That kind of reminds me of my family.

Tomorrow, we are having a family picnic. My oldest brother and his oldest son (and his family) and daughter (and maybe her family)will be there. My second oldest brother and wife and their son and grandson will be there. Then there's me. My sister and her partner can't make it because of a funeral. And my baby brother isn't able to make it either unless he just turns up (you never know). Our kids who can't come are too far away to make the trip.

Last year, we all got together and there were a few more of us there. This year things didn't turn out that way. Maybe we'll have to try it again because in my mind, getting together as a family one time a year is not enough especially when so many can't come this time.

Growing up, we always had family reunions on my mom's side. They were great because you could spend as much time there as you wanted. Plus my mom's family could all cook; it's the German in them. My dad's side only got together once in a great while. My dad's siblings were located all over the United States so if by chance they came to Minnesota at the same time, then we would hold a gathering. This side is 100% Norwegian and they didn't have the creative side to cooking like my German side of the family. Don't get me wrong, I love Norwegian food but when it comes to pot lucks German's have it hands down. In Minnesota, we call our casseroles "hotdishes".  My sister was going to make a hotdish for tomorrow; maybe next time. Tonight is potato salad making night for me. My oldest brother is making baked beans. My sister-in-law is making sloppy joes (the best on the planet). A friend of my sister-in-law and brother's is probably going to be bringing deserts and I think my sister-in-law might surprise us with a desert too. I reminded her the other night that she doesn't have to cook for everyone because we're all bringing something. There will be more than enough food to go around. My mom was like that too but everyone enjoys it. It's much better to take home leftovers than not to have enough food.

My sister and I really like gatherings like this because it's a great opportunity to try something that you didn't make. We always joke about stopping at graduation/wedding/anniversary parties so that we can taste test (even though we don't know the people). We haven't done that yet and I doubt if we ever will but it's still a thought.

My family is like my earrings. We have a lot of similarities but yet we are all different. We have body motions that are similar. Some of us have hair like our mom's (not a lot on top). My sister and I have voices that sound alike. My youngest brother and I probably look more alike than the rest of the family. Think we all have Norwegian toes like our dad's. We all have a good sense of humor, high ethics, and can express our love for one another. Great family to be a part of.

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