Friday, July 11, 2014

Earring 0132 - Versatility

These are really cool earrings because you can off the one part and add different pieces easily to make this a very versatile earring. Thinking about all of the different pieces that I've seen at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels that could be added. Will definitely keep these so there's many options for them in the future. I could make them really fun earrings, holiday earrings, night-out-on-the-town earrings, etc. Could be endless. Maybe I'll have to get some kind of setting so that I can put my garnets that I collected in nature into a pair of earrings. I like that idea.

My dad was a jack-of-all-trades. I don't think there was too much he couldn't do. Besides being a good musician, dancer, bowler, carpenter, he was also a good cook. Mom could cook, sew, and knit. Once she painted a mural on a wall in our living room. That was the one and only time I ever saw my mom paint. Not sure if she was artistic or not (other than decorating, flower arranging and cake making). Dad kind of lived his hobbies. He enjoyed so much of what he did that it was never work to him. Think I'm a lot like my dad because I have fun at work and really enjoy what I do. It sure makes the days and weeks go by fast when you like what you do. I also think that I'm more open to learning new things or doing things like my dad. He didn't learn computers but if he were alive today, I would bet that he would have enjoyed it. Mom probably would have liked a Kindle but not a computer. Mom was an avid reader. I was trying to remember the last book (story) that my mom read to me but it was so long ago; maybe it will come back to me sometime. The first book mom and dad bought me was "Anna Belinda" but I can't find information on it. It was also the first book that I ever saw that had a paper cover over it to protect it. Somewhere through all my years of moving around, I lost the book. I can still see the reddish cover and the size of the book. It was something that I treasured and miss.

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