Monday, July 28, 2014

Earring 0148 - Gray area

Here's a pair of words that I read for the first time - shilly-shally, which as a noun, means indecisive. Ah, but then I just remembered mom saying something like dilly-dalling around. I can hear her saying it when I was in my teens. Funny how you can remember stuff so many years later. To dilly-dally means to waste time when you should be doing something else. Both of these words are a good segue into the rest of the blog.

These earrings remind me of a recent conversation with a coworker. Gray area came to my mind. These earrings are really white on silver but it looks like there are gray areas in them. My coworkers mom and my mom had the same saying and basically it's there's two ways of doing something. There's the wrong way and then there's my way. Mom was pretty much always right but I didn't discover that until many years later and more so after she died.

Mom didn't have any gray areas and you always knew where you stood. There was leniency sometimes. She usually would listen to what you had to say first and then decide. Maybe that's why I try to hear both sides of things before I make a call on something. If you don't have gray areas, then people will always know what to expect (and what not to expect). It's either right or it's wrong. Glad that I make less and less of those kinds of calls over the years.

I think it would be hard to me to be a rebel because of that. However, I hope and pray that I will never deny my faith.

Can't remember what I was watching on the computer last night. I thought it was a good show but have no clue what it was now. Usually I bookmark something but I left my computer on all day and thought I would just pick it up where I left off. Somehow my window got closed...must have been Bobbi surfing the Net again while I was going.

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