Sunday, July 20, 2014

Earring 0140 - Banner Day

These earrings kind of reminded me of a banner or maybe a flag, which can be similar to a banner. Not every day can be a banner day like yesterday. Today was a quiet day. Sometimes you need a day to sit back and reflect. That's what I did today.

Earlier, I was  watching a show (of course, my Korean drama) and they had a young lady step on her boyfriends shoes because she couldn't dance. I was flooded with memories of my childhood. Often my dad would dance around the floor with my feet on top of his shoes. I loved it. The last time I can remember doing that with dad was in our "tv" room. Back in the 50s and 60s, we had a room that had some chairs in it along with my little table and chairs that I got for Christmas one year. In this room was our television set that we got in 1954 to celebrate the birth of my parents' first daughter (after having had four boys). Almost forgot the rocker that was in that room. We didn't have a television in our living room because that was meant only for company. The exception to the living room was when we prayed the rosary as a family during Lent.

I can remember my dad saying that I was almost getting too big to be dancing while I was on his feet. I wonder if he ever knew how much these memories would mean to me 50 years later. This was the same room that my brothers and I tried to pull out one of my baby teeth. One of my brothers tied string around my tooth and then tied the string to the doorknob. I stood away from the door and someone slammed the door shut. The tooth did not come out. Tried it a couple more times without success. Then when everyone gave up and left to do their own thing, I tried it by myself. Lo and behold out came the tooth. I think I was too afraid to let my brothers do it. That's about the time I realized that I could do things on my own pretty darn good. That night the tooth fairy came and a 25-cent piece was under my pillow when I woke up.

Can't remember loosing my front teeth but I do remember when my sister lost hers. Think she lost them both about the same time.

Memories can make the "not-so" banner day into a banner day.

Here's the snack that I am going to have. Maybe not the whole bunch, but a few. Bought these for flavoring my next batch of kombucha. Never saw champagne grapes before. These are organic grapes and so tiny and I think they will make my kombucha even better.

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