Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Earring 0129 - Patience

Instead of showing you the earrings for the day first, I'm presenting my kombucha with grape juice
It was delicious. A few other flavors are in the second fermentation process. There's one that should have been done a couple of days ago but it doesn't look too fizzy. Put it in the fridge anyway. My preference is not so much carbonation so it's not disappointing at all. All it needs is to taste good.  Tonight I found one of my primary quart containers isn't growing any new scoby unless the new one fell to the bottom of the quart. It should be ready to drink now but I'll wait until tomorrow. My newest gallon of green/black tea looks good enough already. Might taste test that tomorrow. Think maybe it takes less time to brew than oolong tea by itself.

Here's the earrings for the day, almost cute as buttons:

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