Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Earring 0150 - Sighing

Yep, I'm a sigher. When I get frustrated at work, I sigh. My new coworkers aren't used to that because they didn't know I sighed. I try not to do it but when frustrated, I sigh. So I looked online to see how negative it is. It is a sign of negativity to others but to the body, it's a positive move.

According to Psychology  Today's article on "Why Do We Sigh"(, 77% of sighers sigh 4 sighs per person. I believe that and am sure that is how many times I sigh when I start sighing. They also said that sighing is a way for the body to "reset" itself both physically and mentally by changing the breathing pattern. I believe that too. Pretty much when I'm done sighing, I feel better. I sure don't mean to make others uncomfortable when I sigh but it is one of the quickest ways for me to refresh myself. It's a habit that I have tried breaking many times. Guess this isn't that bad of a habit to break because it does me good.

So the next time someone sighs, don't think of it as a negative; think of it as they are refreshing themselves to get whatever they are doing done. By the way, I sigh when I am by myself too. Caught myself tonight when I sighed because I didn't know where I put my phone - lol.

Today's earrings are keepers

On another note, ten people from Russia viewed my blog today.

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