Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Earring 0130 - Cute Links I can relate to this blog because it's written by a cat. Cats put words in our mouths all of the time and if you're a cat owner, you know what a mean. The same goes for a dog and its owner. Most people with pets know who rules the roost.

Then you have the sad cat diary, which I frequently watch because it is so funny.

My all-time favorite is about a talking dog Every once in a while, my sister gets me with this. We'll be talking about food and then she'll start saying little things like "yeah", or "what", or any one of this dog's lines. I'm so gullible sometimes!

You have to love the guilty dogs because they do disprove the theory that dogs don't feel guilt. This video is great My favorite one is at 1:45. Supposedly, the theorist say that dogs are responding only to your tone of voice but I don't believe that for a minute. You don't even have to talk and a dog knows that they've done something wrong. This video is 7.5 minutes long but well worth watching the whole thing. It's too cute when dogs walk really slowly because of guilt. My cats have always blamed everything on the dog and the dog has always blamed everything on the cats. But I've never seen my cats look guilty so they must be innocent (lol).

Today's earring

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