Monday, July 21, 2014

Earring 0141

The past few days I've been thinking about mortality a lot. It could be because my sister lost a close friend last week who was only 64. It could be because my siblings and I are all getting older. Or it could be because of having our family picnic. There's people missing from our gathering that are no longer here. They're really missed a lot.

I was thinking about all my "stuff". Even though I have simplified my life a great deal, there's still so much "stuff". For instance, my rock collection and then there's my pieces of wood that I might do something with some day, and then there's my crochet books that I have a ton of. The good news is that I have all my photos in one place (some day I will mark who the people in the photo are - maybe). Also, I have two totes of things that may be important. One tote contains my son's baby clothes, his teddy bear, some of his baby clothes, some of my grandsons' things, and of course, some of my things, along with some things from my mom/dad and my grandparents on both sides. The other tote contains collectible items that could be sold. Then I start thinking about my cookbook collection.

Since my mom was such a good cook, she had a few cookbooks. Her passion was writing recipes in notebooks. I have all but a couple of those notebooks. There's probably ten or more notebooks. Because I got started in gourmet cooking, I picked up more cookbooks making a full bookcase of cookbooks.  I'm sure that my son/daughter-in-law and grandson would enjoy the cookbooks. When my dad passed, we sold most of mom's cookbooks because there wasn't enough room.

"Stuff" doesn't have much value to me anymore. Think I would be happy living in a camper as long as I had my cat and my arts. Maybe it's time to simplify again to make it easier for someone else in the future.

Almost forgot the earrings for the day. Donna and her husband would have been great to have at the picnic. Maybe next time we'll have to talk about the people who are no longer with us. We're so busy catching up on the living but I don't want to forget those who have passed. It's a good reminder for the younger people so they know their roots.

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