Thursday, July 17, 2014

Earring 0137 - Simplicity

Simple but elegant and still fun. Well, these earrings didn't even make it home tonight. My sister liked them a lot. We're both into geo, in all senses of the words: geometric, geography, and geology. I forgot geometry. Don't think my sister had any geometry but we both have had lots of algebra.

Years ago, my one  sister-in-law and I got a book entitled "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Brethnach. We got her next book, "Something More" and then my sister-in-law bought "The Illustrated Discovery Journal" for me Christmas 1999. After reading the book, "Simple Abundance", both my sister-in-law and I made changes in our lives. My slacks are all black except of my jeans. My socks are all black. It's almost like she and I went into uniform mode. The difference between the two of us is my love for colorful blouses (mostly geometric patterns). We both simplified our homes too. To this day, if I buy something and bring it home, something has to go out. It may not be the same size. I'm not talking about groceries but more about things that you purchase. For instance books or magazines. This has changed my storage requirements because I don't save everything like I used to. It was a good change.

Tonight I read about Sarah Ban Brethnach, who wrote the book. She came on hard times after she was not longer on the best sellers list. Fame has its price; something I will never have to worry about. She lost her millions of dollars that she made in a short while. It reminded me about the guy on the east coast of the United States that won the lottery twice and ended up homeless. I'm really good at managing others' money. I'm good at budgeting my own money, too. I would have to rely on others if I ever became wealthy because I am pretty sure I would end up like Sarah if I took care of my own finances. Here's a brief article about her. Her books are well worth reading if you want to get back to basics and realized what is important in's not things.

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