Friday, July 25, 2014

Earring 0145 - Light Reading

This morning it took too much time for me to find the earrings I was going to wear. I wanted to wear a pearl earring but wanted one that was off-white. Found the perfect one but couldn't find the mate to it. Have to admit that I didn't have my readers on so I could have found the mate and not known it. Even though I don't need glasses, the little difference it makes makes a big difference for me. My task this weekend is going to be matching up the pearl earrings and other earrings with the similar style. I have three little baggies of earrings to cipher through but it will save so much time next time. These are the kinds of earrings that I will definitely keep because they are so neutral making it easy to wear with anything.

My light reading this weekend is going to begin with an 800-page book entitled " The Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War & Internment", Second Edition. The book has 350 entries on prisoners of wars (many different wars), timelines, maps, Geneva Convention documents, etc.  Have had this book reserved for over three months or more and am glad that I finally got it. Not going to read it in depth because I don't have to write on it. Finished reading a book on Auschwitz about three weeks ago. I was upset with the person who made the introduction because he felt that the German people should have overtaken their captors and not waited around for help. When I'm done with this book, I have to get started on the book about the Hmong girl, the Hmong culture, and U.S. medical personnel.  If you are interested in the prisoner of work book -

Deep in my mind, I am still thinking about the North Korean prisoner of war camps that exist today and am troubled by those camps...let's save another flower.

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