Saturday, August 2, 2014

Earring 0153 - Speaking about Looks

Looks at these gems...
They are so pretty. Their a shade of green that matched my blouse perfectly. Donna must not have liked green too much because there are only a few pairs of green earrings. It will be hard for me to wait to wear these again. I have so many earrings left to wear for the first time. My rule has been not to wear a pair a second time until I have worn all of the earrings. I haven't even wore a pair of my own earrings in the last 153 days. It will probably get harder for me when my choices are limited.
Been wanted to watch for the meteor shower. We're going to have a full moon during the shower's peak around August 11 so it's recommended that you start looking now. There's so much haze now that it probably will be difficult to see them. Maybe if we have a good rain shower things might change up a little. They said the best time to see them now is before dawn. Don't know about you but my best sleeping time is before dawn. At least we're able to see that pretty orange moon.

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