Sunday, August 17, 2014

Earring 0168 - Fun Day of Smokin

Finally got brave enough to try my indoor smoker that you use on a stove. Had it long enough but was afraid to use it because some of the reviews. A few reviews said that it gave off so much smoke that you should only use it outdoors. Well, I had absolutely no problems at all. Started out this morning putting a rub on my country-style ribs. Just threw together some seasonings and brown sugar. These were marinated for six hours. Watched a video on youtube I used some of the spices Kim used but didn't have most of them. It's because of Kim's video that I got brave enough to use the smoker.

While my ribs were marinating, I seasoned some chicken thighs and made those first. Learned that I need more sea salt on those than I had used. Tasted great and now have some extras in the freezer for the night I want to simple. The ribs were tender and tasted like a professional had smoked them. Really surprised myself on that. the only thing I would change next time is to use less pepper. If I want heat, I'll use jalapenos in the bbq sauce during the last ten minutes.

The chicken took an hour (made 12 thighs) and the ribs took 70 minutes. Next time, I will only cook the chicken 50 minutes. I'd like to try smoking them with orange marmalade  on them sometime. Love orange chicken so that may be the way to make it.

Wasn't sure the ribs were going to be tender so I followed Kim's directions on the tenderizer. I used a mallet tenderizer because I couldn't find my other tenderizer. Must be in some drawer! Like Kim suggested, I didn't put bbq sauce on all of my ribs and now have some in my freezer for the next time I make beans. They will make a good combination. I forgot to take a photo of my finished ribs. They looked as good as they tasted.

To top my ribs off, I had a little bit of orange yogurt left along with some blueberries and made a small smoothly. The rest of the blueberries went into my kombucha. The raisin kombucha is so good that I thought I would try the blueberries.

Today's earrings weren't earrings that I would typically wear. Someone else may like them but they aren't my style.

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