Friday, August 8, 2014

Earring 0159 - Satisfaction

Even though this week was rough at work for me, it ended up pretty darn good. I learned a lot and it's like a puzzle being put start to see how it all fits. Still a long way off but at least I'm able to end the week with a good feeling. Pretty tired because of the extra brain power used so this is going to be short.

There are a lot of musicians playing in the area. Most of them are from the 60s and 70s. The good thing is that I had the opportunity to see them live before. It would be fun to see them again but don't think that is going to happen. Once I had a boss who knew bands from 50s to 70s so I was able to meet a couple of singers in person. Gave Frankie Ford and Dickey Lee both rides to the airport. Frankie Ford sang "Sea Cruise" and Dickey Lee  sang "Tell Laura I Love Her". One nice advantage of chauffeuring them was getting their autographs. Because of my boss, I have a few other autographs too.

That same boss started a silent auction fundraiser in our town. From that, I have several collectibles such as a signed copy of a scrip or something either by Wes Craven or the guy who played Freddy. I would have to look. Also, one of my favorite autographs is by Carl Sagan. When I was really young, I got an autographed picture of Patty Duke when she was starring in the "Patty Duke Show." Got to meet one of the Lassie's at our local carwash about that same year. That was pretty neat. Lassie was brought to town to be in our local parade. Never thought of getting a paw print.  I'll have to get my autographs out sometime and list all of them.

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