Sunday, August 10, 2014

Earring 0161 - Now Includes Photos

Can't post an earring tonight. For some reason, my wireless router isn't working so I can't upload my photo. Yes, I could plug my phone into my computer and upload it but it's still the weekend and I don't feel like doing it. Tomorrow is a workday and I'll do it then.

Got my Kindle app working again on my phone. Most of my cell phone use is for reading. I don't spend much time on the phone chatting other than to my sister and sister-in-law. Even then, it's very low phone usage. Last week, I was able to listen to my audible books so that was nice. Usually I keep those for when I'm traveling. Love to listen to books while I'm traveling.

Other things I use my phone for are a cute game that I play once in a great while. It's called "Monument Valley." Think I've played three or four times in the last six months. Every now and then I access "Mobile Observatory" and on a weekend like this, I would be using it. However, our skies are so overcast that you won't be able to see meteors anyway so I won't be using the app. For the last several years, the sky hasn't given us much of a show for this fantastic, annual meteor shower. "Scanner Radio" is another good one that I like but now no one is broadcasting our city and I don't care much about things that are happening on the scanner 20 miles away. Liked it for emergency-type information.  "Radar Express - NOAA Weather" has nice radar weather maps that I like a lot. I like to watch radar weather maps to see storm paths. I used the Weather Channel ( on my computer all of the time to track the weather.

Tonight I'm making a light supper of mushrooms, zucchini, and spaghetti sauce topped with parmesan cheese. Wish I had some Asiago cheese but aren't going out to get it; maybe tomorrow I can have some with my leftovers. If my photo looks good, I'll post it too. Look at the word Asiago - fits in pretty good with my life style - go Asia - watch Korean drama. Enough silliness!

Must have done something wrong because I plugged in my cell into my computer and it's not uploading the photos. Oh baby, my supper looks delicious. Time to eat.

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