Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Earring 0156 - All Pumped UP

Had my first visitor from Spain to my blog. So I started looking up historical jewelry but it kept coming up to earrings made from coins from shipwrecks. That was pretty interesting in itself because I often wondered what happened to the coins on those ships. Found out that they get so corroded making them unsalvageable. Turned my thoughts to something else which my sister and I get to see...flamenco dancing. Our local art club/gallery brought in an authentic flamenco dancer. She was an older woman but knocked my socks off. There is no way that I could have kept up with her. She was amazing. So much emotion and strength within her movements.

As kids, we pretended we were flamenco dancers. Such good memories of that but mostly of seeing a live flamenco performance. This youtube video was one of the best videos that I watched. You can join in and dance on your feet or sit on a's hard not to get into the rhythm. By the way, when I think of flamenco dancers, I always envision them wearing earrings.

Today's earrings aren't even close to earrings a flamenco dancer would wear. Pretty sure later this week I will wear one that would make a flamenco dancer proud to dance.

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