Friday, August 22, 2014

Earring 0173 - Squirrels fly but so does time

Wow, it's already Friday again. Can't believe that my days and weeks go by as fast as they do. It all goes so fast that I can barely keep up. It just seems like I woke up and it was Monday and vroom, it's Friday night. Can't imagine what time will be like in ten years from now if it keeps going by me as it does. Almost like a science fiction movie or book when I think about it. Finished reading an article on time entitled "7 Theories on Time That Would Make Doc Brown's Head Explode"

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There's some language in the article I don't appreciate but the basics of the article are interested. The higher you are (not drug-wise), time is faster. Maybe that's why I should move to a first-floor apartment! One of the things I found funny was an experiment where you touch your nose and your toe at the exact same time. I touched my nose with my finger and my toe with the other foot. Guess which one you feel feel them at the same time.

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