Monday, August 4, 2014

Earring 0155 - Rain!!!

Yippy, skippy - it rained! There was some lightening last night and rain. Today, we've had a good rain on and off, with some thundering somewhere. Couldn't take a nap because I was working.

Short posting tonight because work was a little challenging today. Wish I knew more about my work than I know but it will come with time. Been having lessons in patience the last couple of days so this maybe be another patience lesson.

Today's earrings is one of them I got back from my sister. I really like it but it was a little to heavy for my liking and am glad its out of my ear.

By the way, I bought plain Greek yogurt to make my Greek poached egg dish. Now I just have to remember to bring my locally "grown" eggs from work.

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