Thursday, August 14, 2014

Earring 0165 Another Good Day!

Got my new router and had it installed within minutes. Works great and my phone connected via Wi-Fi without any problems. As a friend and I were talking the other night, the minute a new piece of technology comes out, it begins being outdated and a replacement isn't too far behind. Guess I should really be happy that my router lasted for five years. It probably could have lasted longer if it wasn't for my smart phone that wasn't so smart on the old router.

Now I will be able to put photos in when I do the posts instead of uploading it the next day like I've been doing once in a while.

A friend of mine stopped in today at work while I was gone. He has a green thumb and enjoys growing his vegies and flowers. Here's what he brought me:

Love snapdragons and there are two of them in here. You can see the white one. The flower on the upper right-hand side is also a snapdragon. That snapdragon is called "Twinny Bronze Shades" featuring rose, orange, and pink coloring. So pretty!!! Receiving flowers always makes me feel special.

Did you get to see any shooting stars? Last night I was able to see a couple of stars and was grateful just to see those. Still too many clouds and now the peak is over. Pretty sure that I've already shared this but one year my sister and I watched the shower at this time of the year and at times counted 300 meteors an hour. It was wonderful. It also made me feel so small when the universe and beyond are so big.

My newest grand-niece is coming to town this week. Hoping to get to get to see her.

Here's the latest earrings...

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