Friday, August 1, 2014

Earring 0152 - Judging by Looks

Very excited about something we are going to try at earring exchange. I'm still going to donate the majority of earrings I have worn but some are going to go to work and we may do an earring exchange. One of my coworkers came up with this idea and it's right up my alley. Often I wear earrings and get tired of them or they aren't exactly what I wanted. We'll try this at work and I'll let you know if it's successful.

Today's earrings - love the way these look but the earrings are not that color. I placed the earrings on some turquoise-colored paper. The earrings are white and the metal is silver. Another case of not judging a person by their looks - you really don't know what they are like on the inside by how they look on the outside.

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