Saturday, August 9, 2014

Earring 0160 - Çılbır Before and After Along with Spanish Eggs Before and After

This morning I took the time to make some breakfast and of course, I had eggs. Out of the four eggs I made, I ate one of the Çılbır and both of the Spanish eggs. There wasn't much egg left after poaching the egg. Because I didn't care for the taste of the Greek yogurt I used with my Çılbır, I only had a couple bites of one of the eggs. Pretty soon you are going to think this blog is about eggs - lol.

My Çılbır - Before

I think my Çılbır is as pretty as the photo that I posted from the site that featured how to make them. It sure looks good and the eggs were so fresh. Too bad I chose the yogurt that I did. Will be picking up Greek Gods plain yogurt to try it again sometime. Pretty happy with my picture. It might even make a good quilted applique wall hanging. Have to think about that and might make a small one to honor the egg.

Here's the Spanish eggs. I followed the suggestion of putting butter into the olive oil. Couldn't get the oil hot enough so the egg wasn't quite as good as I've had in the past.
Ran out of fresh pepper to grind so I used my lemon pepper, which I flavored the egg better than I expected. May have started a new tradition for myself by using lemon pepper on my eggs instead of regular pepper. That's real butter on the toast. I don't eat anything but real butter because of the health benefits of the dairy verses chemical "stuff" the butter substitutes are made from.

Oh yea, here's today's earrings. Needless to say, I took them out before I went to church today. They're cute but not my style.

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