Sunday, August 24, 2014

Earring 0175 - Carpet Earrings (The focus is going to be on my kombucha!)

Let's get the earrings of the day out of the way. Usually one day during the weekend I will wear a pair of earrings that aren't ever going to be worn by me again. Well, this was one of those days. What surprised me the most was that Donna had three pairs of these earrings. Maybe she wore four of the earrings as buttons on a shirt or sweater or something. Well, maybe she liked them. Below the earrings are some photos of my kombucha making.

Really enjoy making and drinking my kombucha.

The first photo is my kombucha brewing cabinet. One jar is going to be my "cooking" with kombucha batch. About every eight days, I will be bottling or removing the kombucha I want to drink for the week. Finally got a pattern down. Guess I like the drink before it turns too vinegary and eight days seems just right with a nice pleasing taste. I would be utterly amazed if the alcohol content could even be measurable but what is nice is that the sugar content is very low and you can't taste sweetness. The second photo is the top shelf of my fridge showing my flavored bottle kombucha and my jars of kombucha. The flavored bottles go through a second fermentation after I add fruit. My favorite fruit is raisins. The champagne grape kombucha was pretty good but the raisins were the best. The second-to-last batch I bottled was made with organic blueberries. Today, I bottled some more with raisins and also made some in the quart containers to see if I like that. The bottled kombucha takes a couple of weeks or so before it's really good. Well worth the wait if I can wait. The third photo is a glass of champagne grape kombucha. Very good tasting. In the background are the roses I dried from the flowers my son and his wife sent me for Mother's Day.