Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Earring 0170 - Good Day!

Found out today that my brand new calculator has a key that doesn't work if you are fast on the calculator. That could explain some of my problems that last few days. It's quite a relief to find this today and I had to show someone else so they could see my dilemma. Getting a replacement as fast as I can. Was hoping to get a different one because I'm a firm believer that when one is bad, the other ones are probably going to be the same (if they are in the same lot). You never know but I'd prefer going with a different model, not necessarily a different manufacturer. We'll see.

This was on The Weather Channel site yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you have a few minutes so you can leave reality for a little bit of imagination....these places are real though. "50 Places Out of Fairy Tales"

On Yahoo Food they're talking about a new sandwich that uses rice patties instead of bread. Sounds good to me. What I can't figure out why aren't more fast food places adding their other countries menus to test the waters in the U.S. Whenever I see a Asian McDonald's commercial, all I can think of is that I would rather have that then what we have. (Other than the ice cream cones that I like.)

Last night we had a cool thunderstorm. There was a lot of heat lighting. You couldn't see it other than flashes of light. It lasted quite a while. It's too bad that I'm so busy watching it because I love to sleep during thunderstorms. Nature's sedative for me.

Today's earrings stayed in my ears all day today even though they snagged on my jacket a couple of times. They are pretty because of the detail work.

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