Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Earring 0177 - Go figure...wrapped wire earring

Couldn't believe it this morning when the earrings I chose to wear were wrapped wire earrings. They didn't have a jewel or rock in them but they are beautiful and simply elegant.

The bead and wrapping are in front of the ears with a long back so the earrings don't fall out while talking on the phone. These are all silver. Simple but makes a statement.

Today when I got home, I was hungry for a cookie. I don't keep sweets in my home because I would eat them if they were there. Every once in a while, I make Weight Watcher's 3-2-1 cake (dry angel food cake mix mixed with another kind of dry cake mix [like chocolate or lemon or...]. You take 3 tablespoons of the dry cake mix, 2 tablespoons of water, and nuke in a mug for 1 minute. At first, I ate it a lot but the novelty wore off and now I have it once in a while like every couple of weeks. The cake mixes last a long time. So back to my cookie. All I wanted was one cookie. I didn't make it but found some pretty good quick and easy recipes for microwave cookies.

Microwave chocolate chip cookies – no egg!!!

No bake cookies – simple!!


Sugar cookies

Chocolate chip cookie in a mug

Another chocolate chip cookie – this one has no milk in it, which I never have on hand – think I like this one and it looks the best. This site has a lot of ads on it but it's well worth looking at even if it just to look at how delicious the cookie is.