Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earring 0154 - Rainy Days, I Wish

We had a rain shower today. First one in some time. Amazing how the river was so high for so long. Now our trout creeks need water pretty bad. Was hoping for a nice long rain shower, possibly overnight and one where I could keep my windows open. Not going to happen.

One of the things that my sister and I have always liked was sleeping while it was raining. Not sure if she's a 100% for that anymore because she lived in city that had a tornado a couple of years ago. However, I will lay odds that if we were to have a rain shower and we could find someone to drive us, that we'd be the back seat of the vehicle with her on the driver's side and me on the passenger's side. Our windows would be down just enough so that the rain wouldn't come in. A little mist is okay. MMMMM, maybe I'll dream about riding in a car as a passenger on a rainy day. Can you tell that I'm a person who isn't very needy and easily satisfied?

My sister gave me a 23 silver hoops and a bunch of black earrings back. Guess she was overloaded on what I gave her. Today, I matched the hoops up so that I won't be spending 15 minutes trying to find mates. What surprised me was out of those 23 pairs of hoops, each pair was different. Wonder how Donna did that when she was out buying them. The differences weren't necessarily big differences but no two pair were alike.

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